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Susan Lambert

Phone: 706-409-9122

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Susan Lambert is an Associate Broker with Toles, Temple, and Wright Real Estate who has been building her real estate business for many years. She was born in Rome, attending High School and College here. She has taken many real estate classes over the years before becoming a broker and has experience working for an appraiser and an insurance company, which helps her knowledge of houses. Besides home sales and marketing, Susan has experience in home staging, remodeling, organizing, and landscaping. She enjoys helping first time home buyers and has taught classes to introduce first time home buyers to the process.

Susan lists and sells a large range of home market prices and is willing to help in many areas. She works closely with her clients, walking them through the steps of selling or buying a home to help them feel more comfortable through the process. She doesn't mind clients who ask a lot of questions and in fact encourages it.

Personal note from Susan: I am very excited to be associated with Toles Temple and Wright, the most trusted, well known and experienced company in Rome. We all work very hard together, so when you hire your particular listing agent for your property,you get the whole company working for you behind the scenes!

Call me soon, and I invite all my past clients to join me here!


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